10 Best Movies About Traveling To Inspire Your Next Trip

Travel movies are one too many, and almost all of them ignite your wanderlust, leaving you yearning to pack up and run out the door for vacations to places you didn’t even know existed! Looking for a good travel-centric movie to put on this Saturday night? I’ve got you covered.
Best Movies About Traveling
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Travel movies are one too many, and almost all of them ignite your wanderlust, leaving you yearning to pack up and run out the door for vacations to places you didn’t even know existed! Looking for a good travel-centric movie to put on this Saturday night? I’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best movies about traveling that are going to fire up the explorer in you.


Best Movies About Traveling

1. Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland, starring Hollywood’s favorite George Clooney as Frank Walker, is a beautiful portrayal of fantasy meeting reality. You won’t get to see mythical creatures flying around, but instead, a beautifully-architectured futuristic dimension unknown to the common man.

I can’t help but think how amazing our society would be if it were placed in a dimension as magnificent as Tomorrowland. Casey, the curious teenager, grabs hold of a pin, but not just any kind of pin. a metallic pin that, when touched, opens up dimensions for you.

As long as her fingers are in contact with the tiny metal, she is free to explore. The movie transports you to a whole new level of imagination, and you really wouldn’t want to leave the dimension and come back to reality either.

2. Eat, Pray, and Love

In a movie that shows us the journey of self-discovery through all the hurdles of life, Elizabeth Gilbert, so beautifully played by Julia Roberts, is a woman who’s been through a harsh divorce, and so she embarks on a trip to rediscover herself.

The movie has scenes spread across Italy, Bali, and India. The sight of vast cultures and dynamics in a period of two hours really does make us feel like we went on with her and experienced the marvels of each destination.

Not only does this movie tickle our travel sense, but it’s got a great story. It teaches us the true meaning of life and how every single day, a new lesson is taught to us that we need to embrace to grow. ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ beautifully depicts strength and resilience.

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3. Into the Wild

Have you ever felt like you just need to escape the buzzing corporate lifestyle? Just isolate yourself from things that push you away from your real purpose, which is to live life to the fullest while being true to yourself with pure meaning and purpose.

Well, that is exactly what college graduate Chris McCandless does. After years of living the tough and competitive lifestyle that college has to offer, Chris pulled himself out of the equation altogether and began a solo trip across the mesmerizing scenery of Alaska.

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The cinematography is a feast for the audience, with several scenes shot right on the mountains and roads of Alaska. Chris has a remarkable play for words and meets several kind-hearted people along the way.

Each character is portrayed beautifully, I would say. Into the Wild is definitely worth watching.

4. The Bucket List

Carter and Edward, two elderly men who happen to be terminally ill, are given an estimate of only six months to live. When they were assigned to share a hospital room, they initially despised each other, but the idea of a “bucket list” brought them closer together.

Setting up a list of great things to achieve before they died was the root of a wonderful new bond and connection between two men who were about to meet the same fate.

With over 10 vastly different locations visited, including the Alps in France, the Great Wall of China, a lion safari in Tanzania, and so many more, this movie transports us across the globe and really shows us the true joy of travel, exploration, and friendship.

Starring Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, these actors are known for their depth and intense portrayals of characters, and they’ve done a magnificent job taking the message to the audience.

5. Lost in Translation

Set in the buzzing city of Tokyo, Japan, An actor, Bob, who just so happens to be a depressed workaholic struggling with mental health in a city he knows nothing of, meets Charlotte. She struggles with similar issues, being stuck in a loveless marriage and overcome with loneliness.

The two meet in the city and strike up an intense bond. This picture, directed by Sofia Coppola, is by far one of her best works. Sofia has done an outstanding job with her screenplay and dialogue.

The streets of Japan set the tone for the whole film and play a pivotal role in how we feel while watching.

The culture, food, and everything that comes along with it, coupled with the great bond that’s developing between Bob and Charlotte, really ignites a fire within us to embark on similar journeys and explore more in life.

How nice would it be to travel alone but meet someone who has a similar background to us? The connections and bonds we create are worth more than any material possessions.

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6. Due Date

Starring Robert Downey Jr. and the humorous Zack Galifianakis, this film is hilarious and centers around a long road trip from Atlanta all the way to Los Angeles. Peter, played by Robert Downey Jr., is set to travel by air to make it to LA for the birth of his first child.

His wife, Sarah, waits for him back home. He is unable to fly due to unforeseen circumstances and meets Ethan. Ethan is an aspiring actor yet a peculiar young man; some would probably label him retarded! He offers to drive Peter to LA.

Although reluctant to spend such a long trip with a man as odd as Ethan, Peter has no other choice. Come along for the ride as Ethan puts Peter’s sanity to the test, Ethan’s dog causes havoc, and let’s not forget the very visible mental instabilities Ethan experiences on a daily basis.

Due Date shows us everything we might face on a long road trip, but it did make road trips look like a lot of fun and something to try out at least once in your lifetime. truly entertaining and funny.

7. The Beach

Adventure, drama, and romance are all in one of the best movies about traveling! This one revolves around mystery and the uncertainties of life. Not to mention, it’s pretty fascinating to think that you’ll be the one to discover a place no one else has.

Richard is a young man who goes backpacking to Thailand but soon finds himself in possession of a map. A very secret map that trails to a destination that is rumored to be an island paradise known to no one else.

How exciting! Along with a few friends, he sets out to find “The Beach.” Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tilda Swinton, this movie has several scenic visuals all across Thailand, like the buzzing city of Bangkok, Koh Samui beaches, and the Ko Phi Phi Leh islands.

Even if you don’t enjoy an overload of mystery or drama, the visuals are worth watching, and you might just want to pack up and head off to Thailand after this one!

8. The Way

Quite emotional and gripping. “The Way” is the story of a father who pulls himself together and embarks on an 800 km trek across El Camino de Santiago to honor his son, who recently passed away while trekking the same trail.

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Starring Martin Sheen, who plays Tom (the father), this character begins this journey in such a broken-down mental state and is forced to make friends with people of totally different cultures in order to complete his pilgrimage.

With subtle depth, the movie not only portrays the beautiful trail of the Camino but also reveals the true meaning of life and a journey of self-discovery. This movie beautifully portrays the message.

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9. Wild

Based on the book by Cheryl Strayed that goes by the same name. Wild is centered on how the loss of Cheryl’s mother inspired her just to leave everything behind, slide on some hiking boots, and move on to trekking the Pacific Crest Trail for over 1,100 miles.

When we lose someone dear to us, the emptiness makes us yearn for true peace and purpose. Many turn to travel to find this solace and solitude. It sure was a struggle for Cheryl, but along the way, she learned several new lessons and rediscovered herself in the process.

Movies, where characters find depth through long treks, reel us into the mindset that we too must do the same to find our true purpose and explore the pleasures of nature.

An excellent watch, especially for those who might be recovering from similar personal losses in life. “Wild” is inspiring and emotional.

10. Under the Tuscan Sun

Wanting to escape from her life back in San Francisco, Frances Mayes is a 35-year-old writer who, after facing a harsh divorce, is left with depression and writer’s block that she can’t seem to get rid of.

Under these circumstances, she impulsively buys a house in Tuscany, Italy. With magnificent scenes of the wines, food, and culture of Italy, “Under the Tuscan Sun” gives the audience a peek into life in Italy and just how beautiful it can be to lay under the Tuscan sun.


Well, that’s all for this list. I hope these best movies about traveling inspire you to go on your very own journey.

Life is for living, exploring, and loving. Don’t forget to take a break and live your true purpose!


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