12 Best Travel Podcasts To Listen Now To Fuel Your Wanderlust

Planning an adventure? Or just experiencing waves of wanderlust within, whatever it may be, there are podcasts on this list that are waiting to ignite the explorer in you. From travel planning to tales of adventure beautifully narrated by some of the best travel writers, this list has it all! Here are some of the best travel podcasts that need to be on your playlist!
Best Travel Podcasts
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Planning an adventure? Or just experiencing waves of wanderlust within, whatever it may be, there are podcasts on this list that are waiting to ignite the explorer in you. From travel planning to tales of adventure beautifully narrated by some of the best travel writers, this list has it all! Here are some of the best travel podcasts that need to be on your playlist!


Best Travel Podcasts To Listen Now

1. Travel Goals Podcast

Hosted by Portia Jones, a thriving travel journalist, and podcaster based in the UK, she has been backpacking across the globe for quite some time now and brings to you the best travel tips, planning guides, and destination inspiration all culminated from over 15 years of travel experience!

Want to be updated on the latest travel trends and hacks for a smart yet lavish adventure? Have a go at Portia’s Travel Goals Podcast.

2. The Travel Diaries

More beautiful storytelling than a travel guide, Holly Rubensteins’ Travel Diaries is a series of travel narrations from guests around the world talking about their adventures.

From exclusive bakers to nature photographers, Holly has an amazing lineup of speakers who come and tell their tales with so much passion and depth that it’s sure to transport you right to the picturesque scenes of the destination.

With links to must-visit hotels and sites, the podcast also serves as a good travel guide to fuel your next adventure!

3. Zero To Travel Podcast

Have you been wanting to master the art of smart traveling? With the Zero To Travel series, you can do just that!

Whether you’re a complete newbie to the backpacking scene or an experienced traveler, this podcast has all the best tips to wrap traveling around your finger.

Zero to Travel gives you a holistic approach that not only deals with travel but all the aspects that work around travel like lifestyle, working on the trip, hacks for free travel and perks, the digital nomad life and so much more!

Hosted by Jason Moore, an avid adventurer wandering all across for over a decade, now settling in, wanting to teach his listeners all about the dos and don’ts of exploring the globe plus lifestyle and career all in one!

4. Armchair Explorer

Tagged as ‘ear candy for listeners’ by the Washington Post, Armchair Explorer is a thrilling podcast with added music and cinematic effects for a buzzing audio experience. Every episode is tastefully laid out in cut documentary style bringing you tales of exploits from the road.

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Get to hear exclusive interviews with guests like Arjun Bhogal an adventurer who led a five-year-long trek across the globe and Nick Hunt, a travel writer who embarked on a journey to explore Europe’s outlands.

Host of the podcast, Aaron Millar is an award-winning travel writer, journalist, and photographer who just so happens to be a regular columnist for National Geographic as well, he brings to the table a truly enthralling experience for listeners with Armchair Explorer.

5. Wanderlust: Off the Page

The UK’s famous Wanderlust Magazine has now come up with its very own podcast covering topics on trendy travel that are featured in the magazine. Going more in-depth than what’s printed on its pages, Wanderlust: Off the Page discusses beautiful destinations and all things travel-related.

Chats with the magazine editors themselves and renowned travel bloggers and authors, Off the Page dives deeper into adventure at its finest. Covering points on the globe from summers in Switzerland to the timeless coastline of Northern France, this podcast is sure to inspire you for your next destination adventure!

6. Women Who Travel

Did anyone say travel and adventure are predominantly a part of the male culture? For a long time, this has been the train of thought but solo backpackers like Lale Arikoglu, the host of Women Who Travel are changing the narrative.

Interviewing women from all over about their unique travel tales, Lale is striving to motivate many women into bold solo traveling. Sure, women have felt unsafe in many tourist spots but this podcast proves that with a little courage, women too must definitely take to the roads, reach the mountains and swim the seas!

Lale offers the whole package in this podcast as she dives into diverse areas of travel-related topics like the idea of slow travel as opposed to jam-packed itineraries, mental well-being and how exploring has an impact on it, and Q&A sessions so that her listeners can pitch in with all their excursion queries.

Women Who Travel is a must-hear podcast for all those ladies out there with a flame of wanderlust burning within them!

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7. Beach too Sandy, Water Too Wet

If you’re looking for a hilarious podcast that happens to be all about travel at the same time, Beach too Sandy, Water Too Wet is going to fit right into your preference.

Join hosts Alex and Christine Schiefer as they dig deep into the web for extremely comedic one-star reviews put up across hotels, tourist attractions, and travel-related service websites where tourists put up their disappointing feedback on trash services!

The way Alex and Christine narrate the reviews in dramatic tones and pitches is sure to make you chuckle.

8. A Girl’s Guide to Traveling Alone

Here’s another one for the empowered girl bosses out there. Join Gemma Thomson as she puts forth a wonderful podcast dedicated entirely to solo female travelers. Her mission; is to help women become comfortable with traveling solo even though it can be daunting.

She discusses every aspect you need to equip yourself with before embarking on the adventure like budget traveling, safety, inspiration and destination guides, or just the basics of where to begin. Gemma has got you covered. Tune into her podcast and get inspired to travel solo!

9. Extra Pack of Peanuts

As I said earlier, mastering the art of smart travel comes with tons of experience in the field and skill. Have you been dying for resources that would help with budget traveling? Extra Pack of Peanuts hosted by Travis Sherry talks all about traveling more while spending less.

Who wouldn’t love to save a buck whilst enjoying the perks of exploring the planet? Sherry interviews some of the most famous personalities in the travel realm like Chris Guillebeau, Bruce Poon Tip, AJ Jacobs, and Chris Christensen to name a few.

With wholesome conversations on some really useful travel tips which include cost cutting, using your frequent flyer miles to get discounts, packing like a pro, and bonuses along the way! If your wallet is holding you back from packing up and booking that flight, lend your ears to Sherry as he teaches you all about budget traveling!

10. Alice in Wanderland

Alice Morrison, host of Alice in Wanderland is Scottish by origin, but nothing has kept her within the boundaries of Scotland. Currently residing in a little village in Morocco, her podcast gives us a peek into her lifestyle living in the Atlas Mountains where she treks for miles on end and shares with us details of her everyday adventures.

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Included in her podcast are stories of her great Sahara expedition where she trekked for about 2000kms along with camels in the scorching heat waves of the desert and everything that comes along with it.

Listening to the courage in her voice as she narrates her enriching experiences really does inspire us to go ahead and wander out into the depths of nature to do something similar be it trekking, snorkeling, or adventure sports in forests!

11. Amateur Traveler

With a new episode, every week on a brand new destination, Amateur Traveler, hosted by Chris Christensen is a lovely podcast that talks about different locations that appeal to tourists all across the world.

From Chile to Greece, Austria to London, Chris covers it all in his podcast where he emphasizes talking about culturally rich destinations, not just countries with a sugary appeal or scenic beauty. Each episode is somewhat of a virtual tour with a well-planned out itinerary, so this podcast is probably a good way for you to plan out your next trip!

12. Untold Italy

We all like a podcast with variety, but in this case, I’d still recommend Untold Italy as a must-listen podcast. As the name suggests, this series hosted by Katy Clarke is all about beautiful Italian culture and traveling across the charming European land.

Italy has been tourism-centric for ages and is always a preferred destination. Katy goes in-depth discussing everything in Italy from commuting between sites and favorite food spot, to postcard-worthy views, and activities that’ll give you memories that last a lifetime.

“Our goal is to help you plan a vacation to Italy that suits you and your traveling style.” Says Katy. So what are you waiting for? Use Untold Italy as a virtual tour guide and start packing for Pisa!

Conclusion: Best Travel Podcasts

Hopefully, this list has provided the resources you need to finally stop procrastinating on that much-deserved vacation! Get going!


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